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Epoxy Adhesive

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APP’s Epoxy Adhesive (EX-100) is a flexible, two-part, epoxy with high overlap shear strength. It was developed for aerospace applications and is specifically formulated to bond lightweight composites to metallic materials. It does not become crystalline, is resistant to chemicals, shocks and extreme temperatures. It is certified for industrial, aircraft and aerospace applications and meets ASTM E8 specification.

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Epoxy Adhesive Diagram

Epoxy Adhesive
APP’s epoxy adhesive is used to form a perimeter seal around our ProTek Wear Pads (pictured here), ProTek Flat Plate and CryoTek Pipe Shoes to ensure a secure bond and seal. In addition to flexibility, the epoxy features a high shear and peel strength.
Static Mixer Tip
The tip of the static mixer expels the two-part epoxy in the perfect 1-to-1 ratio.
Manual Dual Component Applicater
The applicator removes issues with human error and cleanliness and will allow for a consistent installation every time.

Epoxy Adhesive Specifications

Epoxy Adhesive Specifications
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    Composition Two-part epoxy
    Size 6 oz. cartridge
    Ultimate Strength 2,730 psi
    Bonding Cure Time 24 hours
    Temperature Range -320°F to +400°F
    Mix Ratio 1-to-1
    Military Spec Meets DOD-A-82720
    Installation Watch wear pad installation video
    Required Accessories
    • Static mixing nozzle (EX-200)
    • Epoxy applicator gun (EX-500)
    • In stock and available for immediate shipping
    • Durable, long lasting, high performance in extreme work environments
    • Retains its strength even after environmental aging
    • Resistant to extreme shock, vibration and flexing
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    • How strong is your epoxy?

      Our epoxy boasts a shear strength of 2500 psi! It was developed for aerospace applications and is specifically formulated to bond lightweight composites to metallic materials. Our epoxy will effectively hold your pipe supports in place and it’s capable of withstanding large loads in multiple directions without losing adhesion integrity.

    • How long does it take to install a composite wear pad?

      On average, a wear pad should take no more that five minutes to install using entry-level personnel. Our wear pad installation instructions are nine steps and one page long. Our two-part epoxy system is housed in a two-part cartridge that is placed in a two-part epoxy applicator and dispensed through a static mixing nozzle. Once again, we use this system to minimize the occurrence of human error. Most two-part epoxy systems use two containers and are mixed by hand using an exact mix ratio that can easily be mixed incorrectly. Our system is as easy as squeezing a caulking gun.

    • Can your composite pipe supports be installed on painted pipe?

      Yes, this is one of the key features of our composite pipe support system. Our epoxy system is compatible with any cured coating surface, though a word of caution: our epoxy will sometimes bond to the paint better than the paint does to the pipe. If shortcuts were taken during the coating process, our epoxy has been known to remove the coating from the pipe. If the coating is properly applied this will not be an issue. When using our ProTek Composite Pipe Shoes no preparation is necessary since they are banded to the pipe.