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CryoTek Pipe Shoe

APP’s CryoTek Pipe Shoe is a composite pipe support solution for extreme temperature conditions.

APP’s CryoTek Pipe Shoe is a cutting edge, non-metallic pipe support solution for extreme temperature conditions. It is ideal for cryogenic piping systems that involve gas liquefaction, LNG terminals/carriers, ethylene plants or any cryogenic process piping. Although our CryoTek Pipe Shoe was originally developed for use in cryogenic conditions, the shoe also offers unparalleled performance in temperatures up to +400°F. The CryoTek Pipe Shoe is the premier solution for elevated piping systems.

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CryoTek Pipe Shoe Diagram

Layered, continuous-strand material impregnated in flexible resin
Fire resistant intumescent coating
Foam insulation cores
Internal support beams

CryoTek Pipe Shoe Specifications

CryoTek Pipe Shoe Specifications
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    Composition Consists of a single monolithic unit, molded under vacuum from continuous strand glass mat in a revolutionary new hybrid thermosetting resin around a core of low-density polyurethane foam insulation.
    Maximum Compressive Strength 27,500 lbs. per square inch | Watch us hit a CryoTek Pipe Shoe with a 10-pound sledgehammer (0:45)
    Temperature Range -320°F to +400°F
    Installation EX-100 Epoxy System
    Required accessories
    • Epoxy (6 oz. cartridge)
    • Static mixing nozzle
    • Epoxy applicator gun
    • 2 ea. ¾” stainless steel band per shoe
    • 2 ea. ¾” wing clips bands per shoe
    • Banding tool
    Custom manufacturing Available in any diameter, width, height and length
    • Composite VEFR technology does not promote temperature transfer, preventing ice formation and fluctuation in system temperature.
    • Eliminates steel shoe multi-layer insulation requirement, which can delaminate over time.
    • Resin system is UV resistant, does not support heat combustion and can be combined with an intumescent coating to resist temperatures of 2,000°F for up to two hours.
    • Installation takes a fraction of the time of traditional pre-insulated metallic supports.
    • Lightweight. Can be installed and/or transported without the use of heavy-lift equipment.
    • Safely encapsulates the fragile insulation used in cryogenic piping systems, preventing costly repairs.
    Standard Sizes
    Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Max Height
    ½” – 2½ 13” x 4½ 10” x 1½ 8”
    3” – 8” 13” x 6½ 10” x 3½ 8”
    10” – 20” 17” x 13” 14” x 10” 12”
    22” – 30” 17” x 23” 14” x 20” 12”
    > 30” Custom Custom Custom
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    CryoTek Pipe Shoe FAQs  See All FAQs »

    • Are CryoTek Pipe Shoes insulated?

      Yes, our CryoTek Pipe Shoes have polyurethane foam blocks encapsulated into the shoe base. Since the polyurethane foam does not have to bear load, we can use very low density foam which has better insulating properties than high density foams.

    • How are CryoTek Pipe Shoes installed?

      Our CryoTek Pipe Shoes are installed using a combination of 6 heavy duty stainless steel bands and our APP EX-100 epoxy. No welding is required. We use this dual component system for added safety.

    • Can CryoTek Pipe Shoes be installed in the field?

      Yes, our CryoTek shoes can be installed in the field. They weigh a fraction of what conventional metallic supports weigh and can be installed without the use of heavy machinery. To give you an idea of what our shoes weigh, a 32” pipe shoe weighs approximately 80 pounds and can be easily installed by two people.

    • Can CryoTek Pipe Shoes be stored outdoors?

      Yes, our CryoTek shoes can be stored outdoors for an indefinite period of time. Unlike traditional cryogenic supports that have use exposed polyurethane foam that can become damaged, waterlogged, and deteriorates with UV exposure; our CryoTek shoes have no exposed foam and are water and UV resistant. This is a major advantage during large projects where warehousing space is limited.

    • Are CryoTek Pipe Shoes impact resistant?

      Yes, our CryoTek shoes are impact resistant. One of our clients asked us if it would be ok to hit our shoe with a sledge hammer.

    • How does installation differ between composite pipe supports and metal pipe shoes?

      Composite pipe supports require no welding to install — our products are either epoxied or banded to the pipe so installation does not require a certified welder or hot permit and the pipe can be an active line. Composite pipe supports weigh a fraction of what metal pipe shoes do and typically, only one person is needed for install and there is no need for a forklift or other lifting assistance. Thanks to the above reasons, it takes far less time and effort to install composite pipe supports which will save your budget and the bandwidth of your installers.