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The APP VibraTek Hold Down Clamp—Innovation In Action

The APP VibraTek Clamp and Liner is designed to combat breakage, dampen vibration, prevent liner failure, and withstand high-pressure clamp loads. It was created to prolong the life of your piping system and head off problems before they get a chance to become problems.

Congratulations, LyondellBasell, on the 2017 Houston Business Journal Corporate Philanthropy Award

We work with lots of companies that are invested in their communities, but a few of our clients embrace giving back in a way that goes above and beyond. According to this year’s Houston Business Journal Corporate Philanthropy Awards (and what we’ve seen for ourselves), LyondellBasell is one of those.… Read More »

Chevron’s Big Foot Project Launches—APP Provides Assist

Every project starts with challenge. Some have to overcome several. Chevron’s Big Foot tension leg platform (TLP) was one such project.

The Top Ten with Jerry Garza—Shop Foreman. Basketball dad. Weekend DJ.

Jerry, currently Shop Foreman at APP, has been with the company for almost four years. His ten years’ experience in the refining industry gave him in-depth experience with metal fabrication, insulation, scaffolding, pipe fitting, and welding, making him a perfect fit for his role at APP.

APP Knowledge Base now open for info!

Here at APP, we believe open exchange of information helps our customers and prospective customers ignite powerful change and lasting success.

Knowledge Base Spotlight: Corrosion, Stress, Wear and Thermal Concerns in Pipe Support

What are the biggest enemies to a solid, uncompromised piping system? If you guessed corrosion, stress, wear, and thermal concerns, you’re right!

4,000 APP composite CryoTek Shoes and Wear Pads.
Zero failures.

What happens when 4,000 APP CryoTek Shoes and Wear Pads have to deliver an impressive performance for the new Cove Point Maryland Natural Gas Project? Hint: There’s a happy ending.

A New Brand Brings Our Future to the Forefront

There’s something different here at APP lately. What’s changing is our attitude toward our future. We’re seeing more possibilities than ever—possibilities and opportunities to improve our business, and our clients’ businesses.

History of Composite Materials

For over 5000 years, composites have been used in building materials, plastics, insulation, communications equipment, automobiles, and protective gear.

The Role of Composites in Construction

Due to high strength, low weight, corrosion resistance and insulation properties, composite materials are popular for use in construction projects.

Graphene: The right choice for composite strength and durability

Graphene is a 2D arrangement of carbon atoms in a honeycomb lattice. When used to make composites, the material is as strong, flexible and diverse as required.

Biomimetic Composites: Mother Nature as a Muse

Biomimetic composites are derived from systems found in nature and current research in this area focuses on finding more useful scaffolds and matrices.

5 Applications Where Ignoring Composites Could be Detrimental

Composites are big news in the world today. We've put together five areas where composites are proving most important.

The Next 50 Years of Composites: 8 Composites Trends to Watch

In the next 50 years, Lucintel's CEO, Dr. Mazumdar, sees the role of composites expanding into the aerospace, automotive, railroad and energy industries.

Pipe supports: What is a pipe shoe?

Pipe shoes are a rigid pipe support that provide rest and guidance for pipes. APP offers two shoes made from durable, corrosion resistant composites.

The Growth of High Performance Composites in Drilling and Fracking

In the last few years, there's been sizable growth in the use of composites in drilling and fracturing. We summarize what's new in the industry.

Foldable Glass: A Huge Leap Forward for a Time-Tested Substance

Though foldable glass seems unlikely due to brittleness and propensity for fracture, newly published studies show that foldable glass can be created.

The Role of Composite Materials in Renewable Energy Applications

Composites play a vital role in the manufacture of structures such as wind turbine blades and pipe supports which enable the harnessing of sustainable energy sources.

APP Celebrates 25 Years of Pipe Support Innovation

Founded by Jon Carr on February 23, 1991, APP was launched based on a practical vision: composites could provide protection against the corrosion and wear experienced by steel pipes. After two and half decades, APP has provided pipe supports for hundreds of projects around the world.

2015, APP’s Year in Review

In February of next year, APP will have been in business for 25 years. So when we say that it has been a remarkable year, we're basing that on sizable data set. We wouldn't be where we are without all of our wonderful customers and we want to share a few highlights that made this year one of our best yet.