4,000 APP composite CryoTek Shoes and Wear Pads. Zero failures.

What happens when 4,000 APP CryoTek Shoes and Wear Pads have to deliver an impressive performance for the new Cove Point Maryland Natural Gas Project? Hint: There’s a happy ending.

A New Brand Brings Our Future to the Forefront

There’s something different here at APP lately. For a while, it was something you couldn’t put your finger on—it was an intangible thing, but you could see it in the way we’re all committed to delivering the very best experience to our customers....

History of Composite Materials

The 1953 Cheverolet Corvette (above) was largely fiberglass and manufactured using new, more efficient molding techniques.

The Role of Composites in Construction

Composite materials are used in construction due to the many benefits the provide over traditional building materials.

Graphene: The right choice for composite strength and durability

Graphene is a 2D arrangement of carbon atoms in a honeycomb lattice. When used to make composites, the material is as strong, flexible and diverse as required. Image via The Manufacturer

Biomimetic Composites: Mother Nature as a Muse

Biomimetic composites are materials that take inspiration from systems found in nature. The current research into biomimetic composites is mostly focused on finding increasingly more useful scaffolds and matrices with better mechanical properties,...

5 Applications Where Ignoring Composites Could be Detrimental

Large, above-ground composites storage tanks are being used in a variety of chemical and water storage applications.

The Next 50 Years of Composites: 8 Composites Trends to Watch

Composites could be widely used throughout the railroad industry for things such as car design, cross-ties and hot rails. Use of composites would reduce energy usage, track repair costs and improve corrosion resistance.

Pipe supports: What is a pipe shoe?


APP offers two types of composite pipe shoes: ProTek Composite Pipe Shoes and CryoTek Pipe Shoes.

The Growth of High Performance Composites in Drilling and Fracking

Magma Global produces the m-pipe and s-pipe, which are composite pipes designed for use in extreme high pressure and high temperature applications.