Manual Dual Component Applicator

Image of Manual Dual Component Applicator

APP’s Manual Dual Component Applicator (EX-500) is a robust, metallic applicator that allows for epoxy to be dispensed easily and reliably at a constant ratio. The applicator removes issues with human error and cleanliness and will allow for a consistent installation every time. It can be reused over and over again and will fit most two-part 6oz adhesive cartridges. We recommend purchasing enough for each person doing installations to have a dedicated applicator.

Manual Dual Component Applicator Diagram

Plunger Tip
Plungers fit seamlessly into the bottom of the epoxy cartridge.
Handle allows for gradual epoxy release at a consistent 1-to-1 ratio.
Pull Knob
Pull rods back using the black knob before inserting epoxy cartridge.

Manual Dual Component Applicator Specifications

Manual Dual Component Applicator Specifications
Composition Metal assembly
Applicator Type Dual Component
Capacity 75 ml x 75 ml
Mix Ratio 1-to-1
Mechanical Advantage 18-to-1
Manufacturer Spec COX M75
Potential Accessories
  • Epoxy adhesive (6 oz. cartridge) (EX-100)
  • Static mixing nozzle (EX-200)
  • In stock and available for immediate shipping
  • Ensures a proper 1:1 ratio of adhesive is expelled
  • Removes the risk of human error
  • Provides a clean installation experience
  • Applicator is a robust metallic product that will not break easily and can be reused
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