Metal Pipe Supports

Although composite pipe supports have a wide range of benefits and applications, APP understands there are times when the industry requires a broad aggregate of metallic pipe supports to meet your project’s needs. Process temperatures and design parameters may require physical properties that are beyond the scope of composite materials. This is why APP offers a selection of metallic t-slide pipe shoes that offer either welding attachment or clamped restraints. If corrosion resistance is a concern, we also offer lined options for the associated t-slide pipe shoes.


APP manufactures a wide variety of t-slide metallic pipe shoes to be used on elevated piping systems. Whether you need a weld on or clamp on shoe, we can fabricate a t-slide to best meet your needs. We can also line our metallic pipe shoes with a variety of non-metallic materials to prevent metal-to-metal contact in your piping system.
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ProTek Slide Plates

If friction is slowing you down, our slide plates can help. We offer various bearing surfaces with a low coefficient of friction, such as PTFE and graphite, with an array of backing plates to fit your application.
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Dummy Legs

A dummy leg is made out of pipe and serves as a pipe support at elbow locations. It is welded to a pipe elbow to connect it to another support location.

Other Pipe Supports

There are a myriad of pipe supports in today’s modern facilities. A few examples of the wide range of additional pipe supports we offer are: spring hangers (variable/constant), sway struts, snubbers and rod hangers. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in choosing the right support.