Bar Hopper

APP’s Bar Hoppers allow wear pads and pipe supports to be used without removing the round bar.

When round bar has been welded to an I-beam, APP’s Bar Hoppers allow APP ProTek Wear Pads to be used without removing the round bar. Our composite material bar hoppers are installed over the round bar so that the pipe rests on the top plate of the bar hopper. This design eliminates round bar point loading.

Bar Hopper Diagram

Construction & Design
Corrosion resistant composite technology eliminates metal-to-metal contact, which stops and eliminates further damages caused by point loading on round bars.

Despite its lightweight and highly portable design, the Bar Hopper remains securely in place during expansion and contraction of piping system.
High strength composite material can handle loads of 53,000 lbs. per ASTM E8. (same as ProTek Composite Wear Pads)

Bar Hopper Specifications

Bar Hopper Specifications
Composition APP-VEFR
Maximum Compressive Strength 53,000 lbs. per ASTM E8
Temperature Range -60°F to +400°F
Installation Field install
Required accessories None
Custom manufacturing Will fabricate to specific dimensions
  • Eliminates point loading caused by round bar welded to I-beam
  • Prevents corrosion by removing metal-to-metal contact
  • Reduces maintenance issues caused by round bar point loading and corrosion
Standard Sizes Available upon request
Pricing Request Pricing for this product