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ProTek Rod

APP’s non-metallic rod is a durable thermoplastic pipe support that inhibits corrosion cell formation between a metallic pipe and its metallic support.

APP’s ProTek Rods serve as a barrier between a metallic pipe and the metallic support. The ProTek Rod is made out of a durable thermoplastic material. It effectively prevents pipe corrosion by inhibiting a corrosion cell from forming, thus prolonging the life of your piping system.

ProTek Rod Diagram

The ProTek Rod isolates the metallic pipe and prevents a corrosion cell from forming.
The ProTek Rod is made from an thermoplastic (acetal homopolymer) which has a compressive strength of 15,000 psi, operates in temperatures up to 180° and can be made in a wide variety of lengths.

ProTek Rod Specifications

ProTek Rod Specifications
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    Composition Thermoplastic (acetal homopolymer)
    Tensile Strength (ASTM D638) 9,500 psi
    Elongation (ASTM D638) 30%
    Flexural Strength (ASTM D790) 12,000 psi
    Shear Strength (ASTM D732) 8,000 psi
    Compressive Strength (ASTM D695) 15,000 psi
    Izod Impact Strength (ASTM D256) 1.0 ft-lbs/in
    Temperature limit Continuous service up to 180°F
    Potential Accessories ProTek Coated U-Bolt
    Custom Manufacturing ProTek Rods come in various lengths to best meet your needs
    Installation The ProTek Rod is anchored to a structural support with either the ProTek U-bolt or a standard bolt.
    • Prevents galvanic corrosion
    • High strength
    • High temperature resistance
    • Low coefficient of friction, which protects the pipe coating by limiting abrasion
    • Low moisture absorption
    • Good creep resistance
    Standard Sizes
    Round Rods (diameter) Half round Rods (height)
    1” ½
    1 ½ ¾
    2” 1”
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